Reviews of ‘Moments of Time - Ralph Miler, Artist’ - Published November 2013

N Z Listener March 29 – April 4 2014 – page 36

If he hadn't died in 1956 at just 37, Dunedin's Ralph Miller could have emerged as one of New Zealand's best-known 20th -century artists. A new book by his son, Brian Miller, reinforces this view.
MOMENTS IN TIME: RALPH MILLER-ARTIST  (Lifelogs Ltd, $49.99) reveals Miller's gradual evolution, from childhood sketches to increasingly confident drawings and paintings of World War II in the Pacific. But it's his depictions of post-war Dunedin that show what a good artist he was. Deft, humorous and accomplished, they form a vivid portrait of the man and his times.

Review by Patrick Craddock - Media analyst Greytown New Zealand

Review from the Wairarapa Times Age newspaper, Saturday 22 March 2014

Review in Otago Daily Times by Gordon Parry 12 March 2014

Review in Persephone Books, Bloomsbury, London Feb 2014 you need to scroll down the Post.


Sounds Historical Program National Radio NZ 16 March 2014 - had a review of the book ‘Moments in Time - Ralph Miller , Artist’ and included an audio clip from each member of the Army Band.
Band. Band members said a brief hello to their family on the radio during WW2 in the Pacific.
All band music from the program was deleted by Radio NZ for copyright reasons.

Ralph said hello to his - Mother, Father and sister Mabel, grandparents in Queen Street and to baby Winston Miller who in 1943 would have been 2 years old.

1. - Here is a short clip of Ralph’s voice - takes a few minutes to download -
Click on the link below and just wait -


2. -
Here is a longer clip of Ralph’s voice and the book review -
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3. - The full half hour program is INSTANTLY available by clicking this link and contains the audio messages from every member of the Army Band in the Pacific. There were 30 members in the band.